Blocking Facebook bad for recruitment says study

Sydneyside legal eagle Nick Abrahams sent me news of a survey by his law firm, Deacons, showing that corporate recruitment efforts can be hampered by restricting employees’ Social Media access.
“…In the Deacons’ Social Networking Survey 2008, almost half of those who used social networking sites at work said that if given a choice between two jobs equal in all other respects, they would choose an employer which allowed access to these sites over one which did not.
Nick Abrahams, head of Deacons’ Technology, Media and Telecommunications law practice said:
“There are risks with social networking sites in the workplace, such as adverse impacts on productivity, as well as heightened chances of harassment claims…Our research suggests organisations need to weigh these risks and learn to manage them — as they have for other new technologies like email, instant messaging and the Internet itself.
Deacons’ research provides a snapshot of Internet use in Australian workplaces.
The survey found 62 per cent of workers have access to the Internet from work and of these:
· 14 per cent use it at some time to access social networking sites. Usage
is significantly higher among younger workers with 32 per cent of 16-24
year olds and 23 per cent of 25-34 year olds reporting frequent or
occasional use.
· 20 per cent said their employer blocked access to social networking sites
while 57 per cent said their employer allowed it (23 per cent did not know).
· 76 per cent of workers who use the Internet at work could see a benefit to their organisation in allowing access to social networking sites.

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