McCusker speaks at Communicator of the Year Award

Around 7.45am this coming Thursday, I’ll be clearing out the ol’ tartan tonsils afore speaking at this year’s Communicator of the Year Breakfast (Thursday 24 April) at Melbourne’s rather august Windsor Hotel.

Last year climate change expert Professor Tim Flannery scooped the award and also participated in a panel discussion entitled Politics, Principle and PR. This year’s theme is “Facing up to the Brave New WWWorld” looking at trends in social media, particularly as they relate to the public relations and professional communication industry.
Other event speakers include:
Hugh Evans – founder and executive director of the Oaktree Foundation, former Young Australian of the Year and driving force behind the Make Poverty History campaign.
Laurel Papworth – online media strategist, lecturer in social media at the University of Sydney, and adviser to media and telecommunication companies.
Jenny Weight – artist and researcher in media trends, lecturer in networking and programmed media at RMIT University.
Gerry McCusker – author of Talespin: PR Disasters and outspoken commentator on public communication issues in the online environment

2 thoughts on “McCusker speaks at Communicator of the Year Award

  1. Greatly enjoyed your presentation this morning. Fun and informative. And of course that voice…….

    You have sold another book!

    Cheers Amy
    Charity Angels Australia


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