(Again) Wal-Mart caught in PR disaster

London’s Torygraph newspaper reports that “Wal-Mart is on the verge of a potential public relations disaster over a batch of video clips of male store managers parading in drag in front of thousands of colleagues as they all sing the corporate song, employees mocking dangerous uses of a product sold in its stores, and even founder Sam Walton referring to then non-executive director Hillary Clinton as “one of us”. These videos are now being made publicly available.
By whom, the inquisitive among you ask??
Seems what could be interpreted as ’embarrassing footage’ is ” being made available to lawyers, unions, and media organisations after a falling-out between the production company – Flagler Productions – that shot the videos and the retailer. In a move that seems part-highway robbery and part-blackmail, Flagler wants poor Wal-Mart to stump up $2m (£1m), but Wal-Mart is offering $500,000.

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