Mosley's PR disaster beats Spitzer's 5 to 1

Europe has come over all funny over a rash (geddit) of outraged editorials revealing that Formula One honcho Max Mosley was filmed cavorting with five (YEP 5) fleshy prostitutes while allegedly fulfilling some Neo-Nazi fetish. The only relieved person must be Elliot Spitzer whose solicitation of just one hooker now pales by comparison. This personal pastime may cost Mosley his high-paying (we presume if he can afford 5 at a time it don’t pay peanuts) job, a lot of the furore is down to the fact that his ancestry features the prominent UK Nazi sympathiser Oswald Mosley (his pop!) Most blogging F1 fans want him gone, tho with no little arrogant chutzpah, Mosley is contemplating suing the tabloid News of the World, which broke the scandal. How can Mosley continue in a senior office bearing role for F1?

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