Aussie PR companies don't get social media

This is Lee Hopkins’ high horse, not mine (but he has a very good point). Lee asks: “How come Australian PR companies still play ‘hide head in sand” when it comes to Web2.0 and social media.
Alarmingly, Lee reckons that his experience of Aussie business and PR-types (in regards to Web 2.0) is that in the majority they are clueless. Not sure they are Lee; it may simply be that most can’t figure out how to prove its value proposition within a corporate or client environment. UNDERSTANDING THE REALITIES OF CORP BUDGET ALLOCATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR ALL SOCIAL MEDIA ADVOCATES!! In this, soc med PRs are where PR was before it embraked on its many evaluation crusades.
At the recent adtech seminar, Lee and his mates asked: Do you have a digital PR Strategy?
Yes – 32%
No – 68%
Seven out of ten in the room had no social media strategy.

As worryingly, Lee relays that there was very little presence from pr agencies at the Conference, and just the one panel session on Digital PR moderated by himself.

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