Council creates eyesore to punish tree choppers

QUICK!! Copies of Dan Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence to Port Stephen’s Council.

Ross Monaghan spotted this example of inventive stakeholder relations where a local council has deliberately stacked two empty shipping containers (at a cost of $10,000-plus) on a clifftop to spoil water views for householders suspected of illegally cutting down trees. the Council’s Group Manager, facilities and services, Mike Trigar gave a few tasty soundbites:
But it’s like if you can’t find the perpetrator in school, so everybody is held back for detention.”
“We’ve told people that chopping down trees is selfish and criminal, but that hasn’t worked, so we’ve had to go to the next level.”

2 thoughts on “Council creates eyesore to punish tree choppers

  1. I liked the comment from one of the residents. She suggested that drunken louts came along and cut down the trees.

    Lets assume these drunk lads (who obviously had a designated driver), had a chainsaw in the back of their ute. What are the chances that one said: “Hey guys, lets go and cut down trees in front of those huge waterfront homes. That’ll teach them to live so close to the ocean”?

    I would have thought that building a toilet block, rather than placing shipping containers, would have been the council’s preferred solution. It’s ok, I am joking.


  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Do Council have to get an Environmental Plan approved before wrecking views?

    Thing is, Council need to appreciate that hundreds of thousands of Australians flock to coastal areas for the ocean view, not for the trees. Make key holes for them. Plant trees in parks. Plant trees where there are no decent views; make a nice tree view. But not in order to block out ocean views.



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