Poor Phorm as Citigate DR's online PR flamed


Daljit Bhurji – a social media PR similar to yours truly – brings news of a growing PR disaster for tech innovators Phorm and its PR associates who include Citigate Dewe Rogerson, Freuds, Burson and crisis manager rottweiler John Stonborough. Phorm is an ad-serving company which has signed deals with leading UK Internet Service Providers including BT, Virgin and Talk Talk, which allows it to track the browsing behaviour of customers and display better targeted ads – with the ISPs collecting a share of the ad revenues.
From what I can see from Daljit’s and other’s posts, Phorm may be acting “illegally” in intercepting browsing histories; however, while the jury is out on this point, online jurors are venting and condemning Phorm’s PR reps (notably CDR) for:
Trying to engage and counter negative posts (is that really such a PR sin??)
Being inauthentic and dishonest (inept PR’s trying to pass themselves off as Phorm’s ‘tech team’)
Forum firefighting (PR’s monitoring comments then trying to douse criticism with ‘one-liners’)
Misrepresenting the client and your PR paymasters (see above)
Creating unfavourable impressions (see all of above)

3 thoughts on “Poor Phorm as Citigate DR's online PR flamed

  1. Thanks for the ref Gerry. This has the potential to replace Edelman/WalMart as the blogging anecdote of choice in pitches.

    I agree there’s nothing wrong in trying to engage and counter negative posts. It was the way it was done with the perception that cut’n’paste answers were being used that annoyed people.


  2. Thanks Rebecca; just toned down your sales pitch tho!

    Nah Daljit- the Edel/WM case still rules; difference being that CDR hadnt stepped fwd as ‘gurus’ of soc media arena, whereas Edel kind of had claimed that mantle. Guess we all live and learn huh? Great story and keep us all updated or feel free to blog link to http://www.prdisasters.com



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