Survey claims Telstra website poor performer

strings-vb6n.jpg Pic courtesy

No telecoms provider would be happy with research suggesting their site has serious user issues, but that’s what Telstra’s Trujillo and team are facing up to, after Netherlands-based monitoring firm WatchMouse measured 51 ASX listed websites between 11 February and 13 March this year.
Combining the errors, load time and availability measurements, WatchMouse gave each website a Site Performance Index (SPI). Those with a score of 1000 or less are classed as well performing, 1001 to 1999 is regarded as acceptable and a score of 2000 means a site has serious user issues. Telstra was the worst performer with an SPI of 8018, AGL Energy was the second worst performer at 5129, Perth-based Westfarmers, owners of the Coles Group, had a score of 4207, while Westpac came in third at 3639. While there’s been no response on Telstra’s sometimes-lauded blog: (not talking??)
a WatchMouse spokesperson commented: “We’re very surprised by these results. We’d expect Australia’s largest listed companies to place a great deal of importance on having a well performing site; as a company’s site is a tool to providing investors with information and to project a professional corporate image. Instead we’ve found 50% had serious user issues. WatchMouse has been monitoring sites belonging to companies listed on some of the world’s largest stock exchanges for many years and never before found such a poor overall result.”

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