Edelman and Sorrell disagree on PR recession

wine.jpg Half empty or what?

Pic courtesy of bigfoto.com

A few weeks back global Advertising big gun was trumpeting that PR had never had it so good, and was the rising star in the comms firmament. PR-meister Richard Edelman’s latest blog post is far more cautious, implying that the US recession – and its inevitable slashing of marketing budget – could yet again see PR as the ‘Poor Relation’ when it comes to share of the comms budget pie. Rather than just hanging his doom out there, Richard helpfully offers a series of possible solutions…like helping clients generate their own original content, stressing the worth of third party media endorsement, our (PR) reputation-focused interactions with broadest poss stakeholder groups, our ability to connect, engage and message within a v complex media environment, plus finally, our conversation-starting VFM…So who’s on the money as far as your consultancy or department is concerned – bullish Sorrell or ‘get out and sell’ Edelman?

One thought on “Edelman and Sorrell disagree on PR recession

  1. Just for the record, so far this recession is more mild than 01. Tech was such a large percentage of the total business–also our exposure to the dot-com implosion in that period. I think PR will do better than advertising in next year. See what Sir Martin says to that!


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