Trevor Cook – is SEO killing quality journalism?

Trevor Cook seems to be blogging for the Aussie abc and, interestingly, Trev says:
The multi-billion dollar SEO industry is reshaping our news as media companies around the world struggle to find sustainable business models for their online offerings.
Advertising provides most of the revenue for online media sites and traffic is critical for maximising those advertising dollars. No news there. Audience size, measured by ratings and readership surveys, has always been a key factor in determining advertising revenues.
The difference now is that the revenue generating capacity of individual stories, and the journalists who create them, can be measured precisely and in real time. Editors can publish, promote and remove stories depending on the traffic they are drawing – and the advertising dollars they are earning. The temptation to choose and shape stories to maximise ad revenue may be overwhelming, especially when most online media sites are still losing money or surviving on wafer-thin profit margins.

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