Gotta pick a blogger or two

moody01C.jpg The inimitable Ron Moody.

As hints of the cool change of autumn drifts across the south east of Australia, I’m having a post-summer clean out of my blogroll. I’m both Scottish and Scroogey about linking, rather than doing it en masse.
Sadly, The World’s Leading blog (which I enjoyed muchly) has been in mothballs for months. I never felt any lurve from or content connectivity with Todd Andrlik, so he’s fallen off the PR disasters perch too (they’ll all sleep fine!).

Any chance of some feedback on my shortlist, which currently is:

I like bloggers who’re not too techy, not too cliquey and not too elitist. Irreverance, professionalism and creative insights are my preferred flavours. Any insight or experience by my blog readers, much welcome.

4 thoughts on “Gotta pick a blogger or two

  1. Of course, I’d be honored to be on your list. But at the same time, Occam’s RazR doesn’t have the same focus as Accentuate the Positive did. I totally understand if I’m outside your niche — just visit from time to time…


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