Brand experience meets PR at Melbourne Motor Show

Just back from the pre-opening press preview session at the Melbourne Motor Show, where a cohort of media shuffled from marque stand to marque stand to get their PR toplines and media info. While the schedule typically featured a brief press briefing by car company CEOs, there was a large element of brand theatre or brand experience, designed to engage and excite the attending media. Australasia’s leading brand experience agency (ABT, an associate and client of mine) invited me to see a variety of high impact “immersive” presentations that helped engender a more emotional ‘buy-in’ from media audiences attending. Gold stars to Holden for their awesome, testosterone-pumped unveilings and silver to Peugeot for a nice, winsome ‘uplifting’ 308 launch featuring a girl in a red dress with a 100metre long aerial train.
Coupe60-19.jpg Holden’s brazen Coupe 60.
(c) GM Corp

One thought on “Brand experience meets PR at Melbourne Motor Show

  1. Did anyone else notice how invisible Ford became at the the Melbourne Motor Show? It’s gotta be Fords make-or-break year of all time, yet every singe report is about the Holden cars. They should have known this, or their agencies should have. Whoever launched the new Falcon surely must be asleep at the wheel!


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