To blog or not to blog, that's the question

Peter Himler recently flagged the stoush between Gawker and Edelman PR after an unverified source accused Edelman PR trainers of erm, lets just leave it as unseemly professional conduct. This kind of unsubstantiated rumour is nasty, vindictive and, often, damaging. Rightly, Richard Edelman came out fighting, refuting the allegations and underlining his firms’ commitment to ethics. As the story has been around for a week or so, I wanted an update and rushed to Richard’s fairly reliable blog -but there was zip, nada on the Gawker snipes.
I surmise that the decision (by RE) is between using such a personal situ to highlight the real difficulties of managing repute in the blogosphere, or of acknowledging a case you wouldn’t want to draw valuable stakeholders’ attention to. But from a Soc Med leadership perspective, what do you think would be the most appropriate action?

2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog, that's the question

  1. Is this not a case of the age-old “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” debate. It’s further exacerbated by the fact that blogs are far more personal than media releases or other forms of corporate statement.

    The danger here is that by using his blog to comment, Edelman will start to blur the lines between the personal (revenge/sour grapes) and the corporate (setting the record straight/reputation management). No right answers here, but my feeling is that he waits to see how the corporate war of words pans out and maybe blogs on the eventual resolution (or not).


  2. Thanks Peter; plus, as I’ve said before, in the face of a trad media issue/crisis, a “no comment” stance creates speculation vacuum and almost acts as inference of ‘wrongdoing’.


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