Beijing Olympics to deploy H&K to avert PR disasters

Following a host of pesky media inconveniences, Steven Spielberg’s ‘conscience’ resignation has signalled alarm bells for Olympics organisers who may have to rely on Public Relations agency, Hill & Knowlton to combat the steady drip of bad news stories suddenly contaminating the Olympic run-in.
With rumours of construction worker deaths, real life dissident arrests and China’s inaction over the atrocities in Darfur, China needs to be on its PR game if it wants to ensure that the investment and spectacle of The Games doesn’t become a lavish backdrop for the airing of some dirty Chinese laundry, by a plethora of activist groups. A Human Rights observer noted: “It is a wake-up call to them in terms of the risks that the games pose to China’s global image. I think this is just the beginning in terms of expression of concern about human rights.”
With more than 20,000 accredited journalists due to attend the games, their unfettered comments on everything will present a challenge to Chinese information managers and PR consultants alike.

Story courtesy of UK Guardian.

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