Not all internet publicity is good publicity

edison4copy.jpg Chung (left) and Chen –
(Ta to asianfanatics forum for loan of pic)

Next time your computer goes in for repairs, just be very careful about the images you leave stored in files, OK??
Hundreds of celebrity sex photos featuring what appears to be at least five of Hong Kong’s best-known entertainers have been uploaded to the internet after being copied from the laptop of Edison Chen, 27, a singer and actor. The files were copied from the customised pink MacBook belonging to Chen when he took his computer in for repairs. Hong Kong police have now arrested nine people for uploading the images, which are being constantly posted and then deleted from message-boards across the region. The pictures have also been posted to file-sharing networks with new images being uploaded daily. The photo scandal has been front-page news across Hong Kong tabloids for weeks and has led to users almost overwhelming various Hong Kong discussion forums. A single discussion thread has attracted 25.8 million page views, with posters sharing tips on where to download the images. The dozens of photos show Chen in separate scenes, some featuring sex, with at least six women, including two major, Disney-affiliated Canto-pop singers Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung.
Hat tip to The Age for the story.

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