Cruise and Scientology face YouTube PR disaster after ORM threat

One of the most difficult situations facing the modern organisation is self-protection in the age of Online Reputation terrorism and invisible activism. Now, the Church of Scientology is facing its own e-Armageddon day with revelations (stop the religious puns, now; ed!) that an anonymous internet activist group is threatening a disarmament campaign to prevent the CoS from what it says is internet censorship and conducting “campaigns of misinformation”.
Named Project Chanology, the protests are being organised through Facebook groups and online chat rooms, with official Scientology websites and even its buildings being touted as targets. Via YouTube the anti-CoS forces have named February 10 as a worldwide day of protest in a bid to “destroy” the controversial religion.
Watch their Vid here:
The ability to prevent PR disasters and engage Online Reputation Management (as advocated by yours truly) is critical for the prevention of e-PR disasters.

7 thoughts on “Cruise and Scientology face YouTube PR disaster after ORM threat

  1. This is typical of the kind of crap that Anonymous puts up. These guys are cyber-terrorists. In the last week 23 Scientology churches in California have received envelopes with white powder in them. Typical cowardly crap you’d expect from religious bigots.

    My own server was subjected to ddos attacks twice in the last week, because I have some pro-Scientology sites on it.

    Scientology is a religion – because its followers say it is. Get over it.


  2. Agree Jay that the scare campaign is underhand, but in spirit of discussing anonymity can I ask if you represent, are a member of, or work for CoS – your second comment (which I havent posted) has the familiar ring of CoS PR-speak?


  3. Given Scientology’s past history, we must also consider the possibility that the white powder came from THEM. If you sputter and think that’s ridiculous, you’re only showing how little you know about the ugly history of Scientology. Scientology once claimed that it had received bomb threats made against them by a journalist, Paulette Cooper, who had written some works very critical of Scientology. It took several years for the full truth to be revealed, but eventually it was: the “bomb threats” were a hoax by Scientology from beginning to ending, and part of a vicious plot to get Cooper “incarcerated in a mental institution or jail, or at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks.”

    Is it POSSIBLE that the white powder actually DID originate with some disturbed person whose target actually was Scientology? Sure, it’s possible. But to think that’s the only possibility is naive. It’s also very plausible that some bright guy in OSA (Scientology’s intelligence division) said “Wow, even though what Anonymous is doing by DDOSing our sites is illegal, we’ve made such annoying asses of ourselves that many people are STILL supporting Anonymous over us. Let’s see, what would L. Ron Hubbard have done? I know — he would have falsely accused his enemies of things they had never done, faking evidence for it to make it look more convincing, in order to claim victimhood status! Let’s mail us some white powder!”


  4. Jay,

    it’s unfair to mention the ‘white powder’, simply because it has nothing to do with Anonymous.

    Trying to associate these actions with ‘terrorism’ is just another example of Scientologies campaigns of mis-information. (thank you for providing the example!)

    The current actions are about exposing lies, stopping the fraud and asking questions about the murders

    Just look on the internet. All information is there (including OTIII)


  5. The Scientology crime syndicate’s reputation is their own; nobody is tarnishing it or “terrorizing” the criminal enterprise’s reputation. The Scientology crime syndicate’s ringleaders do all of that just fine all on their own.

    Scientology holds the distinction of being the single most wide spread and diverse incident of domestic espionage against the United States, details of which are covered in the Federal documents culminating in the “Stipulation of evidence” for Scientology’s on-going “Operation Wnow White” which sent 11 of the crime bosses to prison. contains the Federal documents — as well as many other documents that underscore what Scientology is and what it does.

    On line activists don’t do ANYTHING to the crime syndicate’s reputation. What they do is expose it.

    My opinions only and only my opinions.

    Email to about Scientology is welcome.


  6. Anonymous is just that, Anonymous. There is no true organization, so even if one anon sent the powder, It doesn’t mean the whole of anon supports such tactics. In fact, the majority is wholly dedicated to taking down the cult via legal ways.

    Also, according to MW’s definition of Religion, $cientology would fit, however, Cult, sham, and fraud work just as good in describing it.


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