CBA's determined to be different Ad reaction

Jeff Goodby, co-chairman of San Francisco agency Goodby Silverstein and Partners said: “It will show a side of the bank that is very likeable and is unexpected.” There is not a teller in sight, nor a mention of a product, and with the bank’s new tagline, Goodby’s “Determined to be different” Ad for the Comm Bank is already being described as Australia’s worst ad of 2008.
I agree; if the bank was so determined to be different it might not run expensive & lame Ad spots that infer it’s in the entertainment biz – why not give its Aussie customers a financial break by not passing on the bank’s ‘cost of doing business’ (via interest rate hikes) in a quest to maintain obscene stakeholder profits – now that would be different!! To see how determined CBA is, check out this microsite:
The commercial opens in the Ozzie outback has an action sequence featuring koalas in Mad Max-style gear (yes, you read that correctly, KOALAS). It then cuts to an “American advertising agency” where the work is being presented to the Commonwealth Bank marketing department who only have good words for “Determined to be different” – the bank’s new tag line.
Awful, truly awful.

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