Claims say PR firm mismanaging Toshiba account

The news-site reports that Toshiba is facing a tech-related PR disaster for its G900 mobile office. It even claims that Toshiba’s PR company – Bite PR – is mismanaging PR while being paid by a Toshiba competitor: serious allegations, which would reflect v badly on Bite if true. Bad, and costly, on mathaba if not. And Bite’s alleged crime? Being open and transparent by asking users and a major network news editor to blog on widely reported technical issues experienced while using the new device. Oh, and failing to manage stakeholder feedback, says
Re PR transparency and dialogue – is this a PR case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

2 thoughts on “Claims say PR firm mismanaging Toshiba account

  1. I think this is a classic example of PR being brought in at the final stages of a project as an add-on, rather than being an integral part of the team form an early stage. I don’t think you’re “damned if you do” in being transparent, if you’ve done all your homework to identify the risks involved and balanced those against the perceived opportunities before making the decision to go with this approach. I’m sure the PR team were told the product was sound and went forth with good intentions. Regardless, they were at best naive and irresponsible to assume nothing could go wrong and should have planned for the worst-case scenario that ensued.


  2. Agree Kate: I also dont think your ‘damned if you do’, tho certain commentators implied it was wrong for Bite to open up dialogue channels. Ta for the feedback.


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