Rude Auckland emails create viral PR disaster

Auckland’s somewhat snippy Gourmet Food Store owner/operator Margaret McHugh doesn’t have anything to say to the press. Which is strange, given that she’s not short of opinions or expressive capabilities when communicating with clients. She told one client to “get into the real world” and said she was probably “bottle fed till late teens“. Ouch!!
McHugh’s press and web-publicised emails reveal much about her customer service, and PR, skills.

Thanks to my NZ PR pal Kelle for the heads-up on this story. Another source has sent another email trail, which purportedly sees Mags McHugh in similarly disastrous PR form. If I get proof of its authenticity, I will try posting asap.

3 thoughts on “Rude Auckland emails create viral PR disaster

  1. Why not stop acting like the town gossip and find something usefull to do. The woman lost her cooll, and I am not suprised given the run around she was.

    Suppliers have the right to select their customers, just as customers select those who they wish to deal with. The media has set out to demonise Ms McHugh without presenting the full argument.

    As for circulating a private email message, the Ray White employee should take a hard look at what she has done. Not at all professional of her either.

    Stop being a bully and allow both parties to patch up their differences when the heat is out of the situation.


  2. While your gallantry seems noble Keith, many rep mgmt practitioners find these kind of real life cases useful when illustrating the need for vigilance over e-comms. As for allegations of bullying; not guilty! Tho can same be said for McHugh who has – without judgement – brought negative publicity to her own doorstep via her ‘heated’ actions.


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