PR disaster over Liberals' fake Labor election leaflet

Any standup will tell you that the secret to good comedy is timing; so when an offensive, fake flyer designed to discredit the Labor party – but lamely decribed by electorate Lib MP Jackie Kelly as a Chaser-style joke – was distributed just days out from a close-call election, Libs’ honchos just ain’t laughing.
Download the fake leaflet, courtesy of here leaflet.pdf
From a PR viewpoint, it shows how the stupidity of any individual(s) can undermine the reputation of the collective.
Ms Kelly’s husband Gary Clark has been implicated in the distribution of the bogus document, which purports to come from an Islamic group linking the Labor Party with support for terrorists.
Ms Kelly described her husband’s actions as “skylarking” after a few beers. Ah-hah!
Others might think this latest ‘dirty tricks’ leaflet actually suggests there’s been a real cohesion throughout the Libs’ slur campaign, from local flyers to big spend TV ads that dismissively claim Labor will ‘stuff the economy’. And in our increasingly porous media environment, how can some people still think a) that it’s OK to pull a stunt like this and b) this’ll never catalyse a PR disaster?
There’s political and PR naivety aplenty in thinking that a fake flyer that seeks to malign your opposition won’t get rumbled. Aussie PM John Howard and minister Andrew Robb have been grimacing as they try to disassociate their party from this sleazy tactic saying it wasn’t ‘authorised’ and expelling the rogue culprits. For most of the voting public it largely doesn’t matter – all they’ll see is the appearance of wrongdoing and the stench of something rotten. Mr Howard is praying that the matter will disappear completely – hopefully before he gets another grilling at today’s National Press Club, where some media-agendists will press him to apologise for this Liberal party gaffe. Not because he should, but because of the media ammunition his unwillingness to do so will provide.

One thought on “PR disaster over Liberals' fake Labor election leaflet

  1. Hi Gerry

    How are you?

    How’s things?If you dont mind me asking,who did you vote for?If i could vote (unfortunately i couldnt because im not a citizen) i would vote for Labor (of course) and The Greens!!!

    Im sooo happy that Labor won the 2007 election.I hope things will change for the better…here in Australia(low interest rate/low tax/abolish IR -Laws/good education system/health and medical etc.

    And i hope (the state and the federal government would give INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS concession cards (transport and medical benefit).It is not fair that international students can’t get the same benefit as Australian students (we have to pay full price for everything..its crazy…and things are getting really expensive).

    p/s: I got a casual job at Roy Morgan Research @ Collins Street.I did the Political Poll last week… calling every household in Australia…and majority vote for LABOR PARTY! 🙂 WOO HOO 🙂
    Is there any of your friends/clients in Melbourne looking for a junior(fresh graduate pr consultant?Keep me posted 🙂


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