Britney Spears and Ben Cousins – time for PR lockdown

Interesting piece in London’s ‘Independent’ newspaper about celebrity addict Britney Spears, and the media pack’s feeding frenzy around her dysfunctional behaviour – many parallels with the problems faced by fallen/falling Aussie Rules star Ben Cousins, just banned from playing AFL for a year after his drug-related behaviour was adjudged to have brought sport into disrepute.
The Indie wrote:
A professional public relations consultant would advise Spears (sic Cousins) right now that if she won’t go into rehab and stay there, then she must not go out in public at all for a while, paying someone else to purchase her groceries, while she lives under self-imposed house arrest, attending only events where her privacy and anonymity can be guaranteed. Unhappily, there is little indication that Spears has been given good advice, let alone had the sense to take it…
Addicts typically blame everything else in their lives for the chaos that surrounds them, and Spears is no exception. She will not wish to spend time with anybody unwilling to help her maintain that inverted position. Like many others before her, her fame and wealth will attract a number of people only too willing to assist her in her refusal to face reality

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