WordCamp tomorrow for Aussie bloggers

Tomorrow’s WordCamp blog event runs from 12-7pm at Watermark in Docklands; I will be presenting a roundtable session on “Corporate Blogging and Reputation Management” – see you then.

And after a new election PR disaster…

The Liberal’s gaffe-prone Tony Abbott now claims he’s been stitched-up, saying a local electorate speech given by him has been cut ‘n’ pasted by Labor to put words in his mouth. But doesn’t it reveal an alarming lack of new media savvy (by his Libs PR minders) to allow a speech to be filmed by what they describe as an amateur in the all-critical run-in to election D-Day?
I deliver seminars on the New Rules of Reputation Management and one of the first things I stress is that the new, more mobile web technologies – especially mobile phones and PDAs that can discreetly record sound and vision – constitute a major threat to anyone’s image and reputation. Call me paranoid, but in seminar sessions I’ve actually asked people to put their mobiles on the tables where I can see ’em! Whether Tony’s a victim of his own honesty or of a skilful pro-Labor edit, one thing’s beyond denying – he doesn’t seem to understand the power of the new technologies (these modern mikes can pick up a gnat sneeze, he now knows). So who’s the real amateur when it comes to PR and reputation management?

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