George Bush – $250m worth of PR disasters says academic

bush.jpg You betcha my PR machine is well-oiled.

George Dubya Bush’s term has seen $250 million spent on PR services – yet the net result has been extremely injurious to the PR industry’s reputation, says AdWeek’s Wendy Melillo (an assistant professor in the School of Communication at American University). Somewhat romantically, Wendy wants the PR profession to come right out and say so…should Wendy expect the PRSA to denounce such tawdry tactics and profligate spending??
“The twisted, bizarre and manipulative shenanigans it has performed in the name of PR has hurt the industry’s image, and it’s time for our nation’s strategic communicators to say so…The Bush White House’s PR record is abysmal. Not only were journalists paid, there was the whole video news release scandal…and Jeff Gannon th denounced shill for partisans to put out negative information and get the attention of bloggers. But when such dirty tricks become synonymous with PR tactics, shouldn’t the more ethical communication strategists cringe? The damage to the PR profession these days is serious. It further erodes the public and the media’s trust in how PR is practiced.” Strong words Wendy. But could people hold PRs in any lower esteem right now?

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