Bonds ad PR gaffe with risque Brazilian lyrics?

bonds_narrowweb__300x336,0.jpgPals John and his wife Eliana (from Brazil) drew my attention to the latest sexy bums Bonds ad for women’s underwear a week back, but ABC’s Media Watch did a piece b4 I had the chance to blog on it. It features the song ‘Marina Gasolina’ by the Brazilian band Bonde do Rolê.
John writes:”Clearly nobody at Bonds or the channels that have been airing it have bothered to check out what the Portuguese lyrics mean.” In the segment played you can clearly hear the expressions ‘Bite you like piranha’ – piranha is not only a fish, but in Brazilian portuguese it has a popular slang meaning ‘slut’ or ‘whore’.
Then there’s ‘vem brincar com a minha aranha’. In the context, this translates to ‘come play with my pussy’, ‘aranha’ ( literally spider) being a common euphemism for the female sexual organs. With the lyrics juxtaposed with young women gyrating in their
(Bonds) underwear it produces an effect I’m not quite sure Pacific Brands would
appreciate if they knew the truth. Or maybe it makes the underwear even racier than intended?
Here are the lyrics if you are interested in checking yourself.

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