Spam PRs 'exposed and deleted' by Wired editor

Age.jpg Our man in the field, Age Conte, reports

Fellow football fan and sometimes Hernan Crespo lookalike Age Conte brings glad tidings (via Piers Fawkes) of another journo who’s had it up to here (visualise hand to strained neck) with PR companies who spam his inbox; take a bow Edelman and Weber Shandwick press agents, who really should know better.
Wired’s Chris Anderson actually lists all the offensive PRs here (are you on the list??) and says they’re not ever getting back into his good books – but apart from temporary embarrasment, how many will just change their email and keep preserving their publicity career, by demonstrating media outputs to clients, rather than genuine intellectual engagement with key influencers and stakeholders.
Here’s a bit of a Piers’ take (geddit, eh?) on the topic:
“PR agencies have worked day-by-day with papers and magazines for a long time now but when it comes to social media they seem to have forgotten everything they learned – out with relationship building and subtle plays and in with an ad-agency style tool: spam.”

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