Heather Mills meltsdown, PR advisor walks

NEW: Lahndan PR face Mark Borkowski summarises the fallout: http://www.borkowski.co.uk/archives/mark/004759.html

The fur is flying around the soon to be ex-Mrs McCartney.

It’s the outburst interview no PR ever wants to see their client deliver and not using any media interview technique I’d’a coached her on; resultantly her PR has resigned the doubtless lucrative Heather Mills account, for fear of it burning his bridges with the printed media he relies on so heavily to assist his other clients. Is the PR chicken or is the client a loose cannon?<br />
Ex-tabloid editor Phil Hall has resigned from his posi as PR counselor to the much-maligned wife of ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, following Heather’s frustration-fuelled live rant on GMTV this morning (UK). Brandishing over 4000 negative stories about her – depicting her as a (one-legged) “gold-digger, fantasist and liar” – Mills ambitiously launched a self-initiated campaign to lobby the Euro Parliament to have the laws relating to newspaper coverage changed.
The Guardian reports Hall saying that “Mills had become frustrated by the barrage of negative stories…her view is she can’t just sit there and have stories written about her that are untrue and not do anything about it. She feels it’s wrong that people write stuff that has no authority.”
In a move not likely to result in improved media relations, Heather Mills told TV viewers to stop buying newspapers and vowed to take action against abusive reporting by attempting to change the law in the European parliament.

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