Avoid personal PR disasters; Melb seminar tomorrow


If you can be in Melbourne early tomorrow morning (Tues 30th October), come along to my ‘Personal Reputation Management Seminar’ hosted by the PRIA at the city’s RACV club at 501 Bourke St. I’ve pretty much waived my speaking fee to help PRIA, so all you have to do is buy your brekkie.
Download pdf here:PRIAOct30.pdf
I’ll look at how Web 2.0 and all its attendant technologies can be a fertile, feral breeding ground for personal and professional PR disasters. So if you, your staff or clients are looking for hints on learning the new rules of reputation management, I look fwd to seeing you there.

4 thoughts on “Avoid personal PR disasters; Melb seminar tomorrow

  1. Thanks for your insightful comments this morning Gerry – very interesting and not a little scary. The possibilities for getting it wrong, in a big and very public way, are enormous. I’m looking forward to learning more about how the online world can help (or hinder) my clients.
    Julie S.


  2. Thx for the feedback Julie; a few PRs told me that I’d really scared them with the online reputation management info – timely wake-up call they reckoned!
    Simon; my real name is Chuck RedSox and I’m a covert PR for Uncle Sam – there, you made me say it!!


  3. Hi Gerry,
    I really enjoyed this morning’s talk.I totally agree with you. As a Generation-Y,from my perspective,social media websites (eg.myspace(wholly owned by Newscorp giant -Rupert Murdoch), Facebook,Bebo,Friendster,High 5 and other social networking websites) are “taking over the world” 🙂 However,there are irresponsible people out there using this new media to exploit others/give others/corporations/organisations a bad image/reputation.For example,two unsatisfied customers uploaded a video on youtube mentioning that they are not happy with the mp3 playerand the battery provided can only be used for 3 months.Can you imagine,if people around the world click/watch the video link,how much damage it can do to a Corporation.As a result, consumers/product buyers would lost trust in the brand and will prefer to buy another brand which is better in quality and guarantee.
    In conclusion, I totally agree with you Gerry;Corporations should invest in hiring staffs/comunications/pr professionals to monitor web blogs/internet and act as the media watchdog (to monitor any comments made by the general public about the corporation).Its all about image,its all about reputation.Imagine how much damage it can cause to corporations if they don’t take this seriously
    Farisya Shukor


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