Kwoff – the news site where u decide what's real news

Via AdNews, I’ve discovered Kwoff, a news site where you, the people, decide which news stories need to be heard. EG, if you’re non-plussed by Britney’s latest booboo, or are sick of hearing about Pete ‘shambles’ Docherty’s battle wiv drugs, you simply nominate other issues of genuine news relevance. Here’s Kwoff’s vision for a community news site of the future…tho it seems to me that it’s not secure against undue PR influence, for example
“At Kwoff we believe the Internet abounds with items of interest to the average Australian, but who has the time to find it all? No traditional ‘masthead’ can deliver this so we built Kwoff to help everyone find and share the interesting stuff. The items displayed here are ‘found’ by the Kwoff community and voted up, or down, based on collective opinion. The idea is the good bits naturally rise to the top In an age of turbulent (indifferent – bland – faded) media ownership Kwoff hopes to provide a mechanism to declare what really matters …. we hope you enjoy what you find.
How Does it Work?. Simple. Online browser ‘A’ finds an interesting blog/picture/video/article online and submits the url to kwoff, we’ll then present this on our ‘Just In’ page where fellow browsers can view and kwoff (vote) it up if they like. If enough people kwoff an article it will make the ‘Front Page’ for all to enjoy.
What Does it cost?. Zilch. Kwoff is a free online application and we have no intention of charging users anything at anytime.
Do I Need to Register? No, you can browse away to your hearts content. If you would like to participate by submitting and voting (come on join us!) we do need a few simple registration details.
Can Anyone use Kwoff? Yes. However, if you misbehave Kwoff reserves the right to refuse/cancel service to you at any time without notice for any reason.

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