Aussie Buchan hitches PR wagon to Waggener Edstrom

An ad in the other day’s Australian Financial Review trumpeted a ‘win-win’ alliance between global PRs Waggener Edstrom and the local (Melbourne) Buchan Consulting Group. The Buchan ad says that as a result of the exclusive alliance, it is now looking for fast growing consultancies (ie BYOClients) or sole practitioners interested in joining the new collective. I asked Tom Buchan to clarify a few points about the kind of people/organisations/skillsets needed, but he’s snowed under on a ‘big job’. Strangely, there’s no press release on the ‘bcg’ site talking about the alliance.
Tom Buchan has emailed back on the kinda people he’s keen to meet:
We are looking for the best communication operators around, either running their own smaller enterprises and exercising their ingenuity to the optimum, or running practice areas within larger consultancies.
Most likely these consultants/cies will be in Melbourne, Sydney, or Canberra (but may be based elsewhere).
Buchan is very strong in corporate, financial, reputation (communication) so ideally the person(s) will have complementary skills, or alternatively with specific (and highly strategic) industry-based
The WE connection is very important to us as we expand,giving us global muscle without compromising in any way our fiercely independent business. Our cultures are similar, both focusing on people (career development&training) and communication IP.

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