ASIMO – the perfect PR ambassador

250px-Asimohonda.jpgASIMO walks Honda’s PR talk.

Here in Australia, we’ve just met the perfect PR ambassador. Honda has created the answer to those pesky human PR disasters-in-waiting. As the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, the cute cyborg ASIMO is proving that a machine can be more reliably engaging than a real human being. ASIMO has his own website, TV ads, rockstar-like promotional posters and a friendly, mature personality that makes him the envy of brands all over the world. In fact, ASIMO’s quick-read personality profile provides all organisations with a ready made list of how the perfect PR ambassador should behave. Even the quickest look at his PR blurb helps us compare and contrast ASIMO advantages over his inherently flawed human PR representatives:
‘ASIMO has a cheeky sense of humour…’
Rather than a cruel big mouth that often lands him and his sponsors in trouble.
‘ASIMO’s enthusiasm makes him a brilliant publicist…’
As opposed to a recalcitrant ingrate struggling to get by on a millionaire’s salary.
‘ASIMO likes to read and is always hungry for information…’
Others prefer to text msg, with only an insatiable appetite for sexual gratification.
‘ASIMO always injects a special energy into the room…’
As opposed to performance-enhancing or recreational substances into his veins.
However, ASIMO does have some PR disaster previous; he’s on record as having stumbled and fallen while on tour in Asia last year (too much electric soup, some anti-cybernates speculated). But he seems to have got his gigabytes together since then.
Plus, you’re unlikely to see ASIMO escorted from an SUV by the Feds while stripped down to the motherboard, sporting nothing but a gothic tattoo.
Though, I wonder what his tattoo would say…

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