Fear and interest winning political Ad war

Wasn’t it Napoleon Bonaparte who said something like “…there are two levers for moving men – interest and fear“? On this basis, you’d have to deduce that the Liberal’s latest TV salvo was a highly effective motivator of proletariat public opinion. The interest factor (for the lumpen) came from the revelatory claim that 70% of the imminent Labour bench have entrenched union affiliations. The fear was delivered via the spectre of same affiliation – unions = less productivity and tougher times – and stark red graphics with attendant ‘commie’ inferences and thumping gavel SFX. Lowest common denominator stuff. So, round one, and Liberal has scored high using a combo of Napoleonic proportions.
And what did Labour’s counter effort offer? Not much. Speedily, it was up on YouTube before you could say “Social Media’s where it’s at, man.” But visually, it had slightly less interest than a Gainesville furniture ad (was it the same set, in fact?). And as for the fear? Maybe only that fresh leadership might amount to no more than a polly who ‘poo-poo’s’ the baiting of a diminutive bully. Not only is the freshman an economic conservative, but an advertising one too it seems!

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