Exclusive Brethren lobbies John Howard with remarkable ease

I never knew parliamentary PR and government lobbying in Oz was so easy. And I never realised our incumbent PR had such an open door policy and light diary schedule.
Claims made by the ABC’s Four Corners program say that Exclusive Brethren lobbyist Warwick John supplied $350,000 in undeclared contributions to fund pro-John Howard TV ads. Pressed by questions over the nature of the linkages between the Exclusive Brethren and the Aussie PM, Warwick John provided a few illuminating statements. Confirming that he’d passed the PM in the corridors of Canberra, he claims he asked the PM if he’d like to meet the Brethren world boss, Bruce Hales. Warwick John is on record saying: “There was no agenda for the meeting and nothing critical was discussed, only economic matters in general…there was a brief discussion about TV shows concerning the Brethren.”
Mr Howard must be congratulated on his ‘liassez-faire’ stakeholder access policy.
In an article from The Age, Michael Bachelard contrasts the apparently cruisey ease of access with the experience of another religious organisation. The former prez of Australia’s Uniting Church (with a national congregation of almost 4mill) says he’d repeatedly tried to get a meeting with the PM, only to be rebuffed at every turn.


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