PR firms advised to ditch dodgy clients?

My headline was inspired by yesterday’s Fin Review article by journo Fleur Anderson who reported that ‘Tax agents (are being) told to ditch dodgy clients’ by the Australian Tax Office, which is spearheading a push against tax malpractice. The article goes on to explore tax pro’s responsibilities when it comes to whistleblowing on ‘dodgy clients’ or simply washing their hands of their business.
I wonder how many PR firms would get rid of their clients given the merest whiff of unethical behaviour or operations? Problem is, PR’s aint like tax pro’s; for one, no PR counselor really needs to be licenced and there’s no punitive governing body governing our PR industry. Secondly, perhaps the majority of PR counselors reliantly feed off of client organisations with operating problems and business issues?
No matter what we do – or don’t do – in PR, I think we can congratulate acting Oz tax commissioner Jennie Granger for her leadership role on an issue that could compromise tax professionals ability to practice as well as their reputations.

2 thoughts on “PR firms advised to ditch dodgy clients?

  1. Too true – there is no punitive governing body in UK PR, but we are half-way there. The PRCA has a Professional Practices Committee which can expel consultancies from membership if they infringe its Code of Conduct, and the CIPR likewise for individuals.

    Both organisations have been urged to be more proactive in weeding out perpetrators of unprofessional conduct and both are looking at ways of strengthening their roles as arbiters.

    Adrian Wheeler


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