Mark Penns' fresh chapter in Burson's PR infamy

penn.jpg Did Penn tell ‘er he was signing Blackwater?

You’re Mark Penn, PR kingpin with a global consulting brand that’s viewed with equal amounts of organisational awe and public suspicion. You personally consult to the next Prez of the USA. Your firm is doing some seriously big dollars. Wanna have the whole shamozzle unfurl? Easy! Bring out your own book and take scandal-scented Blackwater on as a new client…
First, Ezra Klein shoots with both barrels when reviewing Penn’s new book ‘Microtrends’.
“Microtrends is so bad that the question—in a fair world—isn’t whether it will destroy his own reputation, but whether it is so epically awful as to take the entire polling industry down with it.”
Also, Burson-Marsteller, under Penn’s leadership, has taken on Blackwater as a client. As you know, Blackwater ‘mercenary’ personnel have been linked to the alcohol-fuelled shooting of an Iraqi politician’s bodyguard.
Many PR industry observers believe that the Blackwater account win may be a huge financial coup for BM, but that it may also adversely affect BM’s reputation (BM will be restricted in how it can access info within Blackwater), as well as taint that of one of its ‘jewel’ clients, Hillary C…any thoughts?

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