In Oz, 'no legal requirement for political ads to be factually correct'.

So why are the governments we (ostensibly) elect, immune from running Ads that adhere to a national Code of Practice?
God knows, they abuse their PR power often enough.
In a simple, but revelatory, letter to The Age, Michael Yung of Gilberton in Saff ‘Strayler shows a little glimpse of how politicians can freely manipulate public funds for their own self-serving ends. (If only journalists would ask such probing questions of those we ‘trust’ to steer our future
Michael’s letter reads:<br />
“I RECENTLY lodged a complaint over the advertisement for WorkChoices shown ad nauseam recently. The ad shows two workers praising Australian Workplace Agreements and downplaying their risk of being sacked. When I first saw it, I expected it to be attributed to the Liberal Party. On the contrary, it was paid for by the Australian Government — that is, taxpayers.
The Advertising Standards Bureau dismissed my complaint because “… there is no legal requirement for the content of political advertising to be factually correct”. Our taxes at work.

Thanks, Michael Yung, Gilberton, SA.

3 thoughts on “In Oz, 'no legal requirement for political ads to be factually correct'.

  1. They have also exempted themselves from the Trade Practices Act, various lottery laws, tax laws, defamation laws (eg parliamentary privilege) and the need to lodge BAS statements (ok, that last is a bit of a stretch).
    They can’t be sued in many, many circumstances, and even where they can be sued, will usually be indemnified by the taxpayer.
    They face no drug testing, claim not to be role models (Bronwyn Bishop as an icon!) …
    There’s a lot more, but the point is these are the people who we elect and pay to be leaders – yet they accept no leadership role or responsibility that isn’t directly connected to getting re-elected as our leaders!


  2. The worst thing about this is that the Australian Government is ‘officially’ paying for Political Advertising.

    What is it? Information campaign (in which case it should be accurate) or Political Advertising (in which case they should be paid for by the Libral party)?



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