Cry-Blaby Tories get conservative about blog views

Video producer, edit guru and tallest man in Christendom except Geoffrey Stackhouse, Simon Bronson (currently livin-it-large-in-Lahndahn innit), sends PR disasters the following story via The Register. (Makes me wonder if I could get pinged for the same thing occassionally…?)‘A Tory blog has been penetrated by an act of classic web waggery after it leeched bandwidth via a picture used to illustrate a posting about party fees. The Blaby Conservative Future site, run by young Tories in Leicestershire, unleashed this entry ( in June 2006. They used a picture sourced at a personal homepage site, and rather than downloading and hosting the image file lazily linked it. Apparently, the owner noticed, and didn’t appreciate the Conservatives sucking on his bandwidth. He decided to pump their Blogger page with a different image, as exposed below. It comes from top Photoshop humourists ( Eagle-eyed readers will notice the words “vote Labour” underneath the coin.
Register Update
After twigging the rouse, and crying a salty tear, Blaby Conservative Future has closed its blog to all but invited readers.

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