AdAge Power 150 says I'm Falkirk or Fulham


While happy to be listed as an AdAge blogger-of-note, I don’t fully understand how to ‘wee higher’ against this metaphorical school wall; I simply enjoy analysing reputation management issues to help people in PR jobs and PR practice learn how to avoid the mistakes and machinations of others. But to help me get a better handle on the whole thing, I did a bit of rudimentary maths on the table and converted it into soccer club status to see who I am. In the Scottish Premier I’m Falkirk and in the Engerlish, it’s Fulham, or Reading, maybe. The Friendy Ghost is, by my rank, Sunderland. Internationally, Seth Godin is Italy – all greased back hair, controlled technique and insults about your sister – while I’m full of unbridled, raw talent like Mauritius or The Seychelles.
Dear doc; should I get a life?

2 thoughts on “AdAge Power 150 says I'm Falkirk or Fulham

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