Write a city slogan for Brisbane

The risible monickers ‘Bris Vegas’ and ‘Brisneyland’ give off all the wrong vibes about the fast-improving Queensland capital, say its city fathers. They want a new slogan that shows just how cool Brizzie really is.In the new transparency of the web age, brand behaviour needs to be completely ‘in sync’ with any PR claims made. And Californian brand tagline expert Eric Swartz seems to share my thoughts that a city’s brand slogan needs to tick the boxes of the following criteria:
1 AMBASSADORIAL: Does the city slogan make you want to go there?
2 ATTRIBUTES: Does it express a city’s brand character, affinity, style and personality?
3 DIFFERENTIATION: Is the slogan unique and original?
4 MESSAGE: Does it tell the city’s ‘story’ in a clever, fun and memorable way?

So, what slogan would you suggest is right for today’s Brisbane?

4 thoughts on “Write a city slogan for Brisbane

  1. Hi Gerry,

    I’d like your opinion and PR take on my slogan for Brisbane…

    “Brisbane, where time is not genetically modified.”

    I reckon there’s scope there…whaddya think?


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