No Shane shame in modern PR disasters

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph asked for my PR take on ‘revelations’ (pah-lease!) by ex-Mrs Shame (geddit?) Warne that her husband was sending sms messages to a new flame. Big deal!
warnes.jpg The Warneses’zzzz perhaps in happier times.

Under a sub heading of Simone’s claims ‘a PR stunt’, they wrote that:
“Public relations expert Gerry McCusker said Ms Callahan appeared to be trying to inflate her media career by detailing her life with “a love rat husband”. Mr McCusker said the sordid tale was sad for their children – who last night held up a “Welcome home dad” sign and squealed when they saw him – and that it could also affect Ms Callahan’s public image. “Simone’s got her own media career starting out,” he said. “She needs coverage. She needs currency. She needs ammunition. Until she proves herself to be a media player, her only currency is her link to a love rat husband.”<br />
What I also said was that it seemed that both Mrs and Mr Warne’s dirty laundry was being used as defacto media release material by New Idea (a weekly gossip mag that ex-Mrs W contributes to), and other media outlets. I also hinted I’d like to see Simone developing her media profile for something else other than having been married to someone who was unfaithful to her. And I agree this must be a tad unesettling for the little ones/Warnes (geddit??)

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