Internal comms and Al Gore's public speaking tips

Internal comms specialist Melissa Dark (and longstanding pal) is temporarily blogging at Melcrum and is raving, fifth dan like, enthusiastically about the black belt dojo business. It’s all about internal comms excellence.
melissa_dark.jpg Melissa Dark.

Also via Melissa, Al Gore has some interesting tips on public speaking that he gives to his climate change crusaders. Big Al refers to meeting three ‘budgets’: time, complexity and hope/opportunity.
Time: if you’re booked to speak you have to start and finish on time, but you can sometimes add to this budget if you are humorous and engaging – the audience won’t mind if it’s five or ten minutes over.
Complexity: there’s a limit to how much information people can absorb from one presentation.
Hope/opportunity: be aware (particularly with a potentially depressing message such as climate change) about the balance between hope and despair. Ultimately you want to leave people with a sense of hope so they will take action. In the case of a business audience, he says it’s about opportunity rather than hope – what opportunities exist as a result of this information?

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