Bad bosses beware; the online backlash has begun

In his Management Line blog, Age journo Leon Gettler flags up how bad bosses are being outed on hate websites such as and There, their reputations get flamed.
I’ve just recently heard of a media company MD who sent two junior-ish (everbody’s getting junior compared to me these days) employees pretty aggressive text messages, criticising them harshly for what he calls disloyalty and no longer ‘belonging’, after they secured jobs with altogether better career prospects.
JamesORR-Carly+BIG.jpg New JWT recruits James Orr and Carly Williams were the alleged recipients of the immature SMS.<</strong

The phrases ’emotional intelligence’, ‘narcissitic bully’ and ‘get a freakin’ grip’ spring to mind.
A new study from Florida State University, highlighted by Gettler, suggests that nearly 40 per cent of workers say their boss has let them down.
Which begs the obvious question, how bad is the problem of bad bosses in PR?

3 thoughts on “Bad bosses beware; the online backlash has begun

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  2. Wow, there are so many horror stories from employees. I worked for management who was not above putting employees in positions to cause injury. I suffer greatly everyday from the consequences of choosing to stay a little longer because of money and benefits. I also learned a hard lesson of how the law goes to great lengths to protect corporations from injured, disgruntled or abused employees. We recently released a book about my experience called Right To Work. The treatment I experienced was beyond reason. How does this exist in this day and age? Elizabeth Alan


  3. It’s much worse than that. Beware bad boss. There is a company (Documented Reference Check/ who uses Certified Court Reporters to document what kind of reference you are getting. THEY BUST BAD BOSSES.
    I did it. I busted my bad boss. Sooner, or later, it will be a problem we will all encounter.


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