Vanessa Hudgens' pixellated PR disaster (or great PR move?)

0,,5647458,00.jpg Vanessa Hudgens’ future is somewhat fuzzy.

London’s ‘Times’ newspaper says Vanessa may have sullied the image of a squeaky clean teen franchise called ‘High School Musical’ (Grease for the naughties) by posing ‘dans le buff’ for her co-star boyfriend Zac Efron.
“All this has left Walt Disney company – and its superstar chief executive, Bob Iger – with an impossible dilemma. If it supports Hudgens, will more nude pictures, some more explicit than the first, later emerge? And if it dumps Ms Hudgens, will fans dump the show?
So far, the company has chosen to back Hudgens, for fear of meddling with a proven formula, thus forcing parents across the country to have to explain to their children why their teen idol had disappeared from the screen. It is not known how the photograph ended up being published on the internet, tho scurrilous rumour-mongers might believe it to be the work of a skillful PR person looking to engineer a distinctive brand image for their client, who may not wanna get typecast as a singing schoolbrat?
According to USA PR expert, Michael Levine, Disney’s current response strategy is the right one.
“What they shouldn’t do is make a bigger deal out of it than is necessary.”

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