Jol's 'phantom sacking' a PR disaster for Levy and Spurs FC

Here’s a case of stakeholder pressure creating a PR disaster for the chairman of a pahfoo’ Lahndin footbow cluh…innit:
Steven Barnett, a UK-based Professor of Communications, is an angry Tottenham Hotspur fan. Angry because of the amateurish PR efforts of the club he loves and, particularly, of its prickly, media banning chairman Daniel Levy and toadying PR advisers. In an erudite letter published by The Guardian, the Prof kindly offers to donate the services of one of his PR students; he feels they’d do a better job than the current Director of Communications at Spurs FC
Steven, if you’d like a little extra PR wisdom, I’m happy to send you a copy of ‘Public Relations Disasters’, which contains real life case studies of PR disasters by several sports organisations including Man U, Rangers and the Canterbury Bulldogs. You can fwd it on to the incumbent PR manager at Spurs or even to Daniel himself?
Steven’s letter begins…
“So now you have banned the Evening Standard from home matches and press conferences because that horrid columnist Matthew Norman has been nasty to you. Congratulations on another spectacular PR blunder. This particular decision follows a fortnight during which the club has managed publicly to insult its fans, its players and its manager with a combination of half-truths, barely concealed threats and embarrassing climbdowns. Your string of public relations own-goals makes Paul Robinson’s England performances look like Gordon Banks in his prime…

PS One word of admonishment from me to Steven; no football fan wants to see their team beaten by Arsenal surely? Tho it’d be worse if it were Chelski, I ‘spose…

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