Does a complicit media selectively ignore scandals?

PressHat.jpg Press hat borrowed from Tim McKernan’s blog.

Via the New York Times, (sign in) comes an interesting (largely political) piece looking at the role of the media when it comes to ignoring or overlooking open secrets (also pretty relevant when it comes to the Andrew Johns and Ben Cousins footy scandals). Great quote from a Republican consultant Rick Wilson at foot of this piece… The NYT piece begins:
“In this era of blogosphere gossip, viral e-mail and infinite YouTube video archives, the open secret — unacknowledged by its keeper, theoretically hush-hush but widely suspected or known — arguably should be a thing of the past in public life.”

Various experts, including king blogger Jeff Jarvis, question the role of the media given their apparent reluctance to expose what’s largelycommon knowledge in many circles. Jarvis says: “What fascinates me is the question of, if it didn’t get out for all this time, what does it mean?” said Jarvis, a journalism professor who now blogs on media and politics on “Does it mean journalists are doing a good job, or does it mean they are doing a bad job?”
Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant based in Florida says:
“In a lot of cases it’s because the principals involved are powerful, and a lot of the people who know are aides or staff or lobbyists or even reporters who rely on these people for access. So you end up with this feeling of, ‘It’s just business, it’s not affecting their work.’ Once it starts affecting their work, then the rules change.”
Long live a democratic and responsible media system!!

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