Proof that spin doctors tarted up Blair's WMD dossier

Following the much publicised launch of his (lukewarmly reviewed) diaries, former UK PR spinmeister Alistair Campbell has had another recent and unwelcome publicity boost. A New Statesman report says that Campbell helped Blair mislead the Hutton Enquiry by insisting the WMD dossier was solely an intelligence services publication. You’ll remember that Campbell was the Blair government’s Director of Communications & Strategy.
Now, via the UK’s Freedom of Information Act, campaigning Conservative MP John Baron has found that Alistair Campbell ‘placed the intelligence dossier in the hands of of the Coalition Information Committee (CIC). It was CIC’s expressed purpose to bolster the case for UK participation in the US-led invasion of Iraq. At CIC, spin doctor Paul Hamill’s role was ‘Head of Story Development’, and it’s claimed he was instrumentally involved in merging disparate documents to form a unified case to help Campbell ‘spin’ justification for allied incursion into Iraq. Consequently, Hamill is implicated, along with Foreign Office communications director John Williams, as authors of the infamous, internet-cribbed WMD doco (and the 45-minute bomb mobilisation) that features in my best-selling book, ‘Public Relations Disasters’.
Again, any wonder why journalists are so suspicious and disdainful of PR and comms people?

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