Checklist to see if you're a cyberslacker

A recent survey by online compensation firm suggests that approx 60% of US employees admit to time-wasting at work (wonder if it’s greater number for work-shy UK?). One third of them cited personal internet use as their favourite way to while away the working day. Networking sites Facebook and MySpace top the list of the cyberslackers’ Top 10 distractions says Melbourne’s Age newspaper. Many organisations are concerned that the internet habits of their employees could damage the company’s reputation.
In full, the diversion list reads:
1 Network sites
2 Rant websites (such as and
3 Shopping or bidding for items on eBay
4 Judgement sites including
5 Tabloid gossip for tidbits on Angelina, Britney, Lindsay and Paris
6 BLOGGING (personal not corporate) comes in at the number five timewaster
7 Reading blogs
8 Gaming; playing arcade games, betting or quizzes
9 Watching YouTube and other CGM sites
10 Second Life-like virtual living
The research offers no insight as to whether online interaction actually helps stimulate brain activity and prevent some workers (especially creatives) from becoming bored or stagnant. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

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