YouTube's bad rap for reputation satirists

Should you get sacked from your job for making a gangsta rap parody and filming at your workplace? Erm, well, of course you should says this protestant work ethic-influenced PR analyst.

And that’s exactly what’s happening to produce store student workers Mark and Matthew D’Avella who’re being sued by their employers A&P for $US1 million ($A1.21 million)-plus in reputation damage compensation and demands that the D’Avellas remove Produce Paradise from YouTube and the brothers’ website. Their dad’s job may also be jeopardised as he’s the store produce manager.
The company asserts that the 4-minute, Coolio parody video “contains numerous false and defamatory statements that are injurious to the reputation and livelihood of A&P. Producing a video that intentionally and unjustly depicts our company in a negative light, and utilising company facilities without management knowledge of the specific content involved, is obviously a blatant violation of our policy,” says A&P flack Richard De Santa. Lighten up a tad Rick, eh?
Suggestive bananas
The brothers stand with bananas suggestively hanging out of their pants at one point. One pretends to urinate on some greens.
beets.jpg Thx to the extrawack blog for the image and link to the actual video. As the students are studying mass communication and leadership, they seem to have a whole lot of learning to do.

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