A marketer reviews "PR Disasters" book

Canberra-based PR/marketer Bob Crawshaw took time to review Talespin for a forthcoming edition of Australian Marketing. Here´s a snapshot of Bob´s impressions of the paperback version of my case study based book:

“Quietly but quickly get hold of this book. Read it once and then slip it into your top drawer, briefcase or put it somewhere handy. Next time you plan PR, take it out and leaf through it. Gerry McCusker’s book might just save your career and rescue your organization or your clients from future embarrassment. Melbourne-based McCusker’s “Public Relations Disasters, Talespin: Inside Stories and Lessons Learned” is an entertaining read about PR gaffes and goofs. McCusker is committed to a positive image for the PR profession and has turned a humourous read into a teaching text. Each disaster anecdote is followed by a Lessons Learnt panel detailing how to avoid similar problems in future. And for quick referral, the book is alphabetically chaptered. McCusker, who also runs http://www.prdisasters.com, has done PR practitioners a service. Most of us know how perilously close a campaign can come to falling apart. McCuskers book tells us what mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them.
Thanks Bob.

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