Editing Wiki and Facebook – the new PR disasters-in-waiting

Tempted to tart up what´s been said about you or your clients online? Think again.
wiki-epa-2.jpgpolish.jpg Ensure that Wiki entry is squeaky clean!

Cos now American university research assistant and sometimes computer hacker Virgil Griffith, has created a new website to uncover the dubious practice of ´massaging Wikipedia entries´, in order to put a glossy spin on corporate and personal reputations, reports the Times Online (London). Candidly displaying his crusading agenda, Griffith is quoted as saying that he created the site “to create minor public relations disasters for companies and organisations I (sic Virgil) dislike”
The WikiScanner site shows changes to the online encyclopaedia by linking edits back to the computers from which they emanate using each computer’s unique IP address.
´Massagers´ already fingered by Virgil include the Church of Scientology (shee what a surprise!!) and the Vatican, Edelman client Wal-Mart, Astra Zeneca, the CIA, Britain´s Labour Party (spinmeisters extraordinaire) and Wikipedia founder himself, Jimmy Wales.
Virgil hinted to Times Online that his next targets include social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo.

PRs, you have been warned.

Ta to Guardian for Wiki pic and Bayes polish for theirs.

PS to Virgil; happy to hear of any PR disasters you find – good luck with your new hype-buster!

One thought on “Editing Wiki and Facebook – the new PR disasters-in-waiting

  1. Melissa Dark notified me of a technical glitch that occurred as she tried to add the following comment:

    Wanted to add a comment to your wiki-tampering story about these two from today’s paper: STAFF in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet have been editing Wikipedia to remove details that might be damaging to the Government.
    If you believe the NSW Premier’s Department’s version of history, a profanity-laden outburst Morris Iemma had at a media conference last year never happened. Just after staff at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet were caught by the Herald editing Wikipedia articles to remove details that might be damaging to the Government, it has been revealed staff in Mr Iemma’s department have been doing the same.

    Thanks Melissa


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