Wayne Carey verbal gaffe PR disaster

Carey.jpg Duck or Dick?

If you´ve ever wondered why footballers so regularly get themselves in trouble off the field, this latest Sydney Daily Telegraph story about ex-top Aussie football star, and now TV bigmouth Wayne Carey provides the depressingly familiar answer: Many of them have zero emotional or empathetic intelligence. They often act like overgrown teenagers.
But can you ´teach´emotional intelligence to people who´ve relied on ´mongrel´ attitude to keep them at the top of their sport? Perhaps sensitivity is an anathema to them?
Anyhoo, in a Ron Atkinson
(see PR DIsasters book and this blog) moment, Carey apparently thought the studio mikes were off and quipped that Hawks star Nathan Thompson (who´d publicly admitted to suffering from depression) would “end up necking – hanging – himself”. And he did so at a time where he and Thompson were having a public difference of opinion. As media organs are want to do, his employers will take no action against Carey, a man most famous for his toilet tryst with a teammate´s wife. If the PRO or any other senior exec for any given company said a similar thing about an industry rival, would he or she be censured?

One thought on “Wayne Carey verbal gaffe PR disaster

  1. One Jo Cookson sends in this comment: “Channel 9 owes a duty of care to Wayne Carey to a comment that was “off the record”. It was despicable of them to add a sub title to his comment when he should have been offered some protection. As an employer, they are a national disgrace. Wayne should not be subjected to such exploitation. He has been before and he always fronts up with guts, something channel 9 does not have.”
    Jo, are you at the wind-up here? The concept of óff the redord´comments disappeared aeons ago, there´s no such thing; every utterance is fair game in a media that thrives on scandal and judgementalism. And re ´guts´, Nathan Thompson´s ability to publicly admit to the nation that he battles depression shows exactly which of the 2 ex-Roos has the real cojones.


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